"Mind Fly" A solo show by Chiara Rogazzo

20th Feb 2019 - 1st Mar 2019


Graffik Gallery recently opened a new exhibition by Italian artist Chiara Rogazzo. The exhibition entitled “Mind Fly” is the artist’s exploration of a mind struggling with anxiety. 


Last Thursday’s opening reception was a big success with a gallery packed with visitors eager to see Chiara’s show. The night was complete with Italian wine and snacks that matched the art. 

The exhibition is a culmination of Chiara’s hard work over the last year, with ten unique canvases and a series of sculptures. Originally from Luca, Italy, Chiara is now based in London. She is often inspired by personal feelings and daydreams to depict moments of being lost in one’s own world.  Drawing from her experience in graphic arts, Chiara pushes the boundaries between graphic and realism. 

“Mind Fly” is a symbolic representation of Chiara's personal struggles with anxiety. Using a variety of materials—including liquid acrylic, resin, and exterior wall paint—Chiara conveys a different stage or symptom of the disorder with lucid metaphors and refreshing precision in each piece.

Chiara Rogazzo

The recurring symbol of the fly serves as a physical manifestation of the dominant feelings of discomfort and agitation that arise with the presence of both the insect and her anxiety— “a crescendo of a hidden torment. 

 Chiara Rogazzo Flies

 Chiara Rogazzo Apple

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