Amar Stewart: 3D Virtual Solo show "SEEING DOUBLE" June 11th

“SEEING DOUBLE" in 3D is interactive collection of works by Amar Stewart.

"For this series of paintings the inspiration came from some of my favorite movies. Characters ranging from the Marvel and DC universe, TV shows and more. The paintings are stereoscopic 3D oil paintings which create an illusion of depth when viewed with 3D glasses. I wanted use a traditional medium (oil paint) with a relatively new technology with the aim to have people engage with the work. Peoples depth perception is different so the viewer needs to spend time looking at the work to see it come to life. At the same time the viewer can enjoy the piece in a more abstract perspective without the glasses." Amar Stewart


We live in a world where we swipe through hundreds of images daily on and 5-6” screen with a 2-3 second attention span. Amar produced the work where people spend time viewing the work seeing different parts of the painting come to life. To study the lines, separate the colors and let your mind to get lost.

Amar Stewart is an urban artist who often depicts modern celebrities in the guise of Renaissance-style oil paintings. He moved to the United States from London in early 2014. He brought with him paintings of Biggie and Tupac inspired by the Dutch painter Frans Hals. He was Cotton Candy Machine's first resident artist in early 2014, completing 13 works in just one month. The collected series is titled "Hip-Hop Royalty."His work was shown at a solo show in San Francisco, at the Public Barber Gallery in August 2014. In January 2019 several of Stewart's paintings were displayed in the newly opened Williamsburg bar "KillBar" whose theme was an homage to Quentin Tarantino.Bar owner Michael Galkovich commissioned Stewart to curate and create the main pieces of art at the bar. One painting depicts The Bride from the Tarantino film "Kill Bill.