Get creative with Graffik Workshops 

Our friendly creative environment aims to inspire. We organise graffiti workshops for both public groups and private clients. With a focus on stencilling during the session, the attendee will have fun, get to explore a creative skill, and produce their very own A4 canvas, to take away at the session end.

If you would like to find out more about our Public Group weekend workshops, find out dates, times and costs by clicking on the PUBLIC WORKSHOP button.

Perhaps you are enquiring from a private/business about this ideal event/team activity, and would like to discuss with a member of our staff - you can find all details under our PRIVATE/CORPORATE WORKSHOPS page.

We are now offering a 1 TO 1 MASTERCLASS, where you can buy a learning session with one of our artists, during which you can focus on exactly what you would like to learn. Simply click on our MASTERCLASS button to find details in full.