Graffik Gallery Universe - 1/12/2022 - 17/12/2022

Taking place from Thursday 1st Dec until 17th Dec, inspired by artists such as: Banksy, Dotmaster, Stik, Alec Monopoly, Bambi, TRUST.icon and brands such as: GQ, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Mclaren & Nike.

Graffik Gallery will be a one of a kind release, highlighting the work of Jose Rodriguez, a Venezuelan artist and workshop manager.

The exhibition will feature 284 unique art pieces made from the deconstructed walls of Graffik Gallery.

Uncovering 14 years of historic paint and artwork, and eternally memorialising the work of 10,000 collaborators and 2,500 workshops that have taken place since the gallery was opened in West London in 2009