27 CLUB - HoLØgR@m

In his first solo exhibition ’27Club’, HoLØgR@m explores and re-imagines iconic images of some of the most famous musicians and artists of all time whose lives tragically ended at the age of 27; Their untimely deaths shrouded in mystery catapulting them into the noumenon ‘27Club’. 

Each piece in this collection appears to simultaneously manifest and dissolve on the canvas. Alchemical mixtures of paints and varnishes screen-printed by the artist onto fine linen canvases and cotton rag papers produce an iconic collection of intricately detailed and unique archival pieces. 

HoLØgR@m further alludes to the concept of his moniker signing his work with invisible UV sensitive inks visible only under UV black light. The collection includes editions of the scaled down artwork screen-printed on to T-shirts and an edition of an Audio compact cassette with mini artwork and excerpts of rare interviews with the musicians and artists shown in the collection.

Opening night featuring projections, music and a reading by author Chris Salewicz from his best selling book 'Dead God$ The 27 Club'.