Banksy auctions refugee paintings for £2.2m to aid Bethlehem hospital charity

The triptych from 2017, “Mediterranean Sea View 2017” was displayed in Banksy's Walled Off hotel in Bethlehem for the past three years. Hotel opened in 2017 and is a political statement as well as functioning hotel. Guests have been able to book rooms while artist's work been displayed all over the hotel. 

Now sold by Sotheby’s in London, triptych is painted on found canvases in the style of 19th century seascapes, featuring abandoned lifejackets and buoys. Three canvases are putter together in three different sizes: 69.8 x 59.5 cm, 83 x 68 cm and 69.8 x 59.5 cm.

Funds will help fund the construction of a new acute stroke unit, and the purchasing of children's rehabilitation equipment.

Photograph: Aaron Chown/PA, source:

“This triptych hangs in Sotheby’s galleries alongside works by some of history’s greatest landscape painters, including Bellotto, Van Goyen and Turner. Banksy’s work, however, stands alone for its potent political message.” Said Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s head of contemporary art for Europe.



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