New street art piece from Banksy 'Aachoo" portraying an elderly woman letting out an explosive sneeze!

Aachoo!! is the latest known public street artwork by Banksy following his piece outside a beauty salon in Nottingham this past October depicting a young girl hula-hooping with a bike tyre, next to a real bike - with a missing wheel - slumped next to a pole.

photo credit Banksy

Banksy's October work in Nottingham, England 


The new painting, entitled "Aachoo!!", has appeared Thursday morning in Bristol on a semi-detached house in steep Vale Street, Totterdown. Vale Street is England’s steepest residential street – its 22-degree slope used during annual Easter Sunday egg-rolling competitions.

The stencil mural depicts a woman in a headscarf sneezing and her dentures flying into the air. It was covered until the revealing on Thursday morning. 

The new stencil comes right at a time when the UK has approved Pfizer's vaccine and Margaret Keenan, who turns 91 next week, has become the first patient in the world to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 jab following its clinical approval.

Artist has confirmed street art on Bristol house is his own work though his Instagram account. He captioned the picture mimicking a sneeze sound, simply writing "Aachoo!!". Again, despite much speculation over Banksy's identity, it remains one of the art world's greatest mysteries.

credit Banksy insta

picture credit Banksy instagram
Picture credit: Banksy