Graffik Gallery welcomes new artist - Giovanny Sanchez better known as TOT

Giovanny Sanchez better known as TOT is street & urban artist from Bogota, Colombia where he's considered one of the most influential graffiti artist of his generation.

Started spaying when he was 13, mostly around his home city of Bogota. With hard work and dedication gained recognition in the art world converted him into one of the most important urban graffiti artists in Colombia. His graffiti can be seen in  Colombia, USA, Central America, Japan, South America and Europe. 

Since the beginning of his journey TOT has been able to show his art in many galleries and exhibitions worldwide including FIA Caracas, FIA Santo Domingo, Miami Art Fair, Scope Miami, District 13 in Paris and Tokyo Art fair.

TOT CAT has been a pioneer in the Colombian street art scene and his technique of painting and sculpturing recognised as unique. This brought TOT many international partnerships with leading brands such as Nike, Samsung, Mini cooper, and most recently a very successful collaboration with the watch maker BOMBERG. In his next chapter TOT CAT is now working on his first print release to be presented in London in October 2020.