Dotmaster and Ben Eine massive 'Covid' murals in East London

Well established Street Artists Ben Eine and Dotmaster have just painted two massive Lockdown inspired Murals in East London.

The first mural took a week to complete in entirety, being finished on 20th February, and is located in Ilford.  Ben Eine’s contribution is a giant and beautifully executed  “Survival“ in his iconic circus inspired font, whilst Dotmaster provided characters from his much loved Rude Kids series, Max and Louie, accompanied by one of the artist’s signature Paisley-esque patterns.

The second work was completed on 6th March in Ebor Street, and is the statement “I don’t like this anymore” spanning some echoing the sentiment of the populus currently.  The bright colours and smiley faces used in juxtaposition with the message denote an air of trying to be resilient and remain positive, but approaching being at the end of our tether as a society.

Organised with the great help from @jayj_streetplay, @ourtypes and @ilfordvillage that encourages locals to become more engaged and feel proud of the area that they are in, as well as find new possibilities for regeneration.

“The visuals of the pandemic have been the red lines of graphs and charts. In this piece, they become a play piece for two naughty kids, Max and Louie.” Dotmaster